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  • Charles Krauthammer notes Barackrobatics in a recent speech:

    Of course, Obama will never admit in word what he's doing in deed. As in his rhetorically brilliant national-security speech yesterday claiming to have undone Bush's moral travesties, the military commissions flip-flop is accompanied by the usual Obama three-step: (a) excoriate the Bush policy, (b) ostentatiously unveil cosmetic changes, (c) adopt the Bush policy.

    (Barackrobatics is a Pun Salad-coined word that according to the Google is finally coming into mainstream usage going nowhere fast.)

  • Rich Lowry makes a good point about how the same speech, beyond its standard flip-floppiness, typified how grating Obama can be to the unenraptured:

    But beneath its surface, the speech […] revealed something else: a president who has great difficulty admitting error, who can't discuss the position of his opponents without resorting to rank caricature, and who adopts an off-putting pose of above-it-all self-righteousness.

    Yes, that's getting pretty old.

  • For your Memorial Day Weekend driving pleasure: states ranked by driver quality and government exploitation of drivers. Yes, Granite Staters: New Hampshire beat Massachusetts on both lists. But not by as much as we might like.

    And for goodness' sake, if you find yourself driving in New Jersey (number 50 in driver quality, number one on the exploitation list): point your hood ornament at the nearest border and punch the gas pedal.

    Idaho, on the other hand, ranks very well on both lists. But 35 years of east-coast living has probably made me unfit to drive there.

    (First link from my close personal friend Dave Barry and the second from Instapundit.)

  • Consumer note: I ordered (through Amazon) this gizmo from a company named "Accessory Genie" out in California for my new iPod Touch. It came much faster than the estimated arrival date, and (so far) works great. Three wishes weren't included, but you can't have everything. So thumbs up for the Accessory Genie.

  • Pun Salad readers who (a) can appreciate geek humor; (b) watched at least the first two Terminator movies; (c) don't mind the usual Cracked-style language will probably enjoy selected e-mail messages sent by Craig Tapers, Senior Tech Support Engineer at Cyberdyne Systems.

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