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  • On GM bankruptcy day, Jonah Goldberg provides an appropriate quote:
    The ruling principle must be that capital and management reward must be kept in continuous and flexible adjustment with economic possibilities, and that legal and institutional arrangements--like loan contracts, bonds, legal concepts of just compensation, due process of law, and confiscation--must not obstruct executive action of government to maintain this adjustment otherwise than by the present devices of bankruptcy, foreclosures, reorganization, and cycles of booms and depressions.
    I have, however, left out some relevant information, so click on over to get that.

  • Continuing on my quest to link to any and all P. J. O'Rourke content on the web: 2009 Ford Flex: The O'Rourkes do Utah's Lower Left - Feature.

    Now, I'm not sure if "Feature" is meant to describe the type of Car and Driver article P. J. wrote, or whether that's the way P. J. is describing where they went in Utah. ("Come on, kids, pile in the Flex: we're going to see Utah's Lower Left Feature.") In any case, read it.

  • I found NASA's list of books, magazines, movies, TV shows, and music kept on the International Space Station to be oddly fascinating. Star Wars, but no Star Trek. Apollo 13, yes. The Right Stuff, no, neither movie nor book. 2010, but not 2001? (Via GeekPress.)

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