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  • Another day, another Democrat proposal to drive us all a little faster down the Road to Serfdom, albeit in a hybrid vehicle completely in compliance with CAFE standards.

    In this case, it's health care "reform". You wouldn't expect much praise from the Cato Institute, and so you won't be surprised by this initial analysis from Michael D. Tanner. You should read the Whole Depressing Thing, but here's the bottom line:

    More details will undoubtedly emerge, but it is very clear that the Kennedy plan would put one-sixth of the US economy and some of our most important, personal, and private decisions firmly under the thumb of the federal government.
    What could possibly go wrong there?

  • Also weighing in is Keith Hennessey, an economic advisor to Dubya. Some of his observations:
    • Health insurance premiums would rise as a result of the law, meaning lower wages.
    • A government-appointed board would determine what items and services are "essential benefits" that your qualifying plan must cover.
    • You would find a tremendous new disincentive to switch jobs, because your new health insurance may be subject to the new rules and would therefore be significantly more expensive.
    • Those who keep themselves healthy would be subsidizing premiums for those with risky or unhealthy behaviors.
    • Far more than half of all Americans would be eligible for subsidies, but we have not yet been told who would pay the bill.
    • The Secretaries of Treasury and HHS would have unlimited discretion to impose new taxes on individuals and employers who do not comply with the new mandates.
    • The Secretary of HHS could mandate that you provide him or her with "any such other information as [he/she] may prescribe."
    And, in case you had any doubt, he adds that he opposes the bill.

  • There are many, many words out there lamenting the gullibility of the watchdog press when President Obama speaks of jobs that his administration will "create or save". My favorite so far come from McGurn at the WSJ.
    Tony Fratto is envious.

    Mr. Fratto was a colleague of mine in the Bush administration, and as a senior member of the White House communications shop, he knows just how difficult it can be to deal with a press corps skeptical about presidential economic claims. It now appears, however, that Mr. Fratto's problem was that he simply lacked the magic words -- jobs "saved or created."

    Well, actually, Mr. Fratto's problem (as he probably well knows) was that he worked for a guy despised by the media.

  • Also Frank J. is busy adopting the successful presidential rhetoric.
    • I decided not to be bloodthirsty against common nuisances today and created or saved three squirrels.
    • By not going to McDonalds, I created or saved two cheeseburgers and a large fry.
    • Deciding against serial killing, i created or saved upwards of 33 people (I'm very smart and would not be easily caught).
    … and more.