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  • We've noted in the past that, on the topic of Obamacare, Consumer Reports (CR) was acting less like the tough, independent, skeptical, pro-consumer organization it claims to be, and more like a mindless shill, even to the point of adopting talking-point lingo widely realized to be less than honest.

    Now, it's worse; the blogprof notes that CR is running pro-Obamacare TV ads. (And, via that post, also check out this detailed takedown of CR's specious propaganda from William Jacobsen.) A very good argument for letting my subscription lapse.

    (Original link via Instapundit.)

  • I admit I laughed at the Saturday Night Live opening monologue, the theme being President Obama's lack of concrete results on major fronts:

    Funny, but as you might expect, it's basically a leftwing critique: Obama's failure to execute a progressive laundry list. Betsy Newmark points out, depressingly, that Obama has done plenty enough.

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