Another Economist Notes the Obvious

Steven E. Landsburg bemoans the ideologically-driven silence of NYT columnist Paul Krugman.

Once upon a time in America, whenever an administration spokesman spouted economic nonsense, you could rely on Paul Krugman for a sneer, a blast of outrage, and frequently an imputation of the basest motives. That time ended on approximately January 20, 2009.
Landsburg is only too happy to step up to the plate, analyzing recent utterings by Obama's top spokesmodel, Robert Gibbs. (In this case, involving the "green jobs" fallacy. Check it out.)

Neither the economic illiteracy of the Obama Administration, nor Krugman's partisan criticism is anything new, but they deserve to be harped upon. Recently, Greg Mankiw pointed out Krugman's distortion of history in relation to the brief, happy repeal of the federal Death Tax.