Turn Up the Eagles

… the neighbors are listening:

  • I was sure I was mishearing those lyrics, and we'd all have a good laugh when I found out what they really were. But as it turns out

    I never really thought of the Eagles and Steely Dan as inhabiting the same universe.

  • Ace Associated Press reporter Emily Fredrix reports on the Super Bowl ads. Only problem is, notes John Hinderaker, Emily was kind of making stuff up.

  • Ann Althouse has a lot of funny stuff about the Super Bowl ads, but here she echoed something I've thought about quite a bit too, sparked in this instance by the Who at halftime:
    This is a music act from 40+ years ago. Imagine if in the first Super Bowl, in 1967, the half-time show featured musicians who peaked in 1927. No. It's not imaginable. The strange dominance of My Generation is unfathomable.
    "How do you think he does it?" "I don't know."

  • A word I will try to work into the next buzzword-laden management meeting I'm roped into attending: mistakeholders.

  • On a related note, scientists are verifying something I've always believed: you really can be bored to death.