Sunrise Doesn't Last All Morning

… a cloudburst doesn't last all day:

  • Pun Salad maintained a "Phony Campaign" watch in 2007-2008, tracking the Google hits for accusations/acts of phoniness from/by our presidential candidates. (Example here.)

    This year, according to Andrew Stuttaford, Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota is taking an early lead in the 2012 Phony Campaign, based on the Governor's speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference.

    […] when I read that the governor "appealed to the tea-party movement, calling its critics a 'brie-eating' elite from 'Ivy League schools' who don't like 'Sam's Club Republicans' who 'actually like shopping at places like Wal-Mart,'" I thought just one thing: The guy's a phony.
    With all due respect to the Governor, if he's looking to win the Phony Campaign, he'll have lots of competition. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

  • S. E. Cupp reviews the "Passover Box of Plagues" favorably. You can get it from (I am not making this up) ""; unlike Ms. Cupp's, it comes in a pyramid-shaped box, and is billed for ages 3 and up. (Which I am also not making up.)

  • You don't want to be too funny at Redmond Junior High School.