The Sun Is Up, The Sky Is Blue

… it's beautiful and so are you:

  • It's a small world, but darned pretty. Hope you were smiling and looking up when they took that.

  • If you take cold comfort from evidence that it's not just American politicians who legislate first, and are surprised by the "unexpected consequences" later, here's a data point from Old Blighty:
    Last year, the British government decided to lift the top rate of income tax from 41 to 52 percent. Last month, Lord Myners, the UK Secretary of State for Financial Services, said that the policy would raise not nearly as much revenue as had been expected.
    Funny how that works.

  • A nice New York Times article about Jeff Bridges. Not all of his movies are worth watching, but he's almost always the best thing in them. He's nominated for an Oscar for his role in Crazy Heart; it's his fifth nomination with (so far) zero point zero wins.

    But if he doesn't win this year, I noticed that he's playing—whoa—Marshal Rooster Cogburn in an upcoming remake of True Grit, directed by—whoa!—the Coen brothers. That could be very cool, and wouldn't it be great if he got the Oscar playing the same role for which John Wayne got his?

    Perhaps all this Bridgesmania will grant my other Jeff-related wish: that they would issue Hearts of the West on DVD. I saw it once, thirty-five years ago, and I'd dearly like to see it once more.

  • They keep coming, and I keep laughing, especially since this relates to the Day Job:

    Any resemblance to an IT Department at a University Near Here is entirely coincidental.

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