Blogiversary V

Pun Salad's first post was five years ago today. Many thanks to:

  1. All the bloggers out there who inspire, amuse, and provoke thought.

  2. Those few, those proud, who now and again send us a link. That's very gratifying

  3. All the politicians, pundits, artists, and authors who provide source material. Even the lefties: if they went away, this blog would just be a list of books I read, movies I watched, and banal observations about the weather.

  4. [Cathy
Poulin] Cathy Poulin, the official, but unaware, and (most importantly) uncompensated mascot of Pun Salad. Google searches for Cathy Poulin comprise 98.6% of Pun Salad traffic.

  5. Most importantly: you, because you're reading this.

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