Eric Thames is Classy

[Thames is classy]

I don't blog much about baseball; compared to other fans, I'm probably down around the 20th percentile in sports knowledge depth. I cant remember exactly what makes a squeeze suicidal, and I'm weak on the cutoff man, and exactly when it might be time to hit him.

Nevertheless, watching last night's game was fun, with the Red Sox snapping a streak of mediocre-to-bad games, mercilessly whaling on the Toronto Blue Jays (final score 18-6). Tim Wakefield, who's like 75 years old, finally won his 200th game, and there was a nice postgame stadium interview with Heidi Watney. Papelbon sprayed him with champagne.

But what I really liked was the approximately 15 seconds ending the fifth inning. Josh Reddick hits a nasty fly to the left field corner, in a spot that American League outfielders probably have bad dreams about at night.

Toronto fielder Eric Thames catches it though, making a spectacular sliding catch right up against the foul line wall.

Third out, Thames starts trotting in with the baseball, past the Boston fans. And gives the ball to a US Army guy, attending the game in camo uniform.

Who then, in turn, passes it off to a kid sitting in the second row behind him.

Sweet behavior all around. MLB liked it too, and you can watch the video here.

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