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This was lingering in our Netflix DVD queue for a long time; we were out of DVDs, so we queued up the streaming version, and voilà.

It's an interesting example of a science-fiction premise done right: imagine one new thing, in this case a fantastic invention, and see where that takes you in an otherwise normal situation. The invention in this case is the "Timer", a gadget that implants on your wrist. If your one true love also has a Timer, your devices will synchronize and begin counting down to the day you will actually meet. And on that day, it will start counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until you lock eyes. At that point a tasteful chime goes off, and you wander off into a lifetime of romantic bliss.

There are a few other rules: if your true love doesn't have a Timer, yours will stay blank until they get one. And you can have your Timer removed, but that's very rare. If you get it removed, however, you can't get it back.

Interweave this sci-fi premise onto a standard romantic comedy, and you have TiMER.

The movie shows how a Timer-infested world impacts the life of heroine Oona. She has a blank Timer, which means her true love hasn't gotten one yet. So her dating life is restricted to Timerless dudes. If things start getting serious, she asks them to get a Timer implanted… and so far, that's resulted in no synchronization, and so … it's welcome to Dumpsville, baby, population: you. We also get glimpses of how the Timer (or lack thereof) has changed the lives of people in Oona's orbit, mostly her family.

Mrs. Salad didn't care for the ending, but it was inevitable.