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■ Happy Easter, all. Will Proverbs 27:11 be especially Eastery?

Be wise, my son, and bring joy to my heart; then I can answer anyone who treats me with contempt.

Well, no. But I can imagine the Proverbalist saying "Have you met my son, the doctor? And how's your boy down there on the camel ranch? I understand he's got a real talent for castration."

■ [late addition] For your Easter thoughts, KDW: ‘He Is Not Here’. No excerpts, just go and read. You won't be sorry, even if you're not (like me) much of a Christian.

College Fix reports on an amusing appointment: Department of Ed. Office for Civil Rights pick’s traditional views ‘raise questions’.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s […] choice for her department’s Office for Civil Rights chief is being questioned in part because the pick once claimed she faced discrimination for being white.

The nominee is Candice Jackson. Her sins against Progressivism are many, including:

  • She took a class at Stanford that had a section providing "extra help", which she desired to enter, only to learn that it was "reserved for minority students." She objected.

  • She wrote a paper at Pepperdine favorably reviewing The Ethics of Liberty by Murray Rothbard, noted libertarian (and occasional nutbar, but that's me).

  • She wrote a book, Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine, about eight (!) women abused in various ways by the Clintons: Juanita Broaddrick, et. al..

  • She also helped arrange for several of Clinton’s accusers to attend the second 2016 presidential debate … and even [gasp!] sat among them.

So, she sounds interesting.

■ There are many entertaining reactions to this tweet:

But Iowahawk wins the coveted Pun Salad Award for "Best Response to a Bernie Sanders Tweet in April 2017".

I know, April's not over yet, but can you see anyone outdoing the Hawk?

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