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So, beguiled by the neat trailer, and undeterred by some mediocre reviews, Pun Son and I went to the Newington multiplex to see this. I assume the premise here is: let's make a mashup of a war picture and a horror picture. Why? Because we can.

It starts out as a war picture: a fleet of C-47s headed over France on the eve of D-Day with a bunch of paratroopers inside. Their mission is to take out a radio-jamming station just off the Normandy coast. Unfortunately, in a horrific display of special effects, German anti-aircraft guns destroy most of the planes and nearly all the soldiers. Just five guys—oops, make that four guys—make it to the ground in one piece. But their seemingly doomed mission must carry on.

As expected, they run into the local French Hot Resistance Babe, who both helps out and adds complications. But what's with the old lady hiding away in the FHRB's spare room? As it turns out, she's the victim of Evil Nazi Research, an effort to develop a serum to produce near-indestructible soldiers. But there are bad side effects out the wazoo. So the good guys aren't just fighting Nazis, they're also fighting Evil Nazi Zombies.

(Where are you going to put your Evil Nazi Research Lab? I'd suggest in the same building as your Evil Nazi Radio Jamming Station. I see synergistic results.)

So, it's OK. As I said, the special effects are very good. The plot is ludicrous and clichéd. I could have waited for the DVD.

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