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  • Indeed.

    … but on the other hand, there are alternate explanations such as "mental illness, such as mania, hypomania or schizophrenia."

  • I, For One, Will Never Scarf a Hot Dog Again Without First Reviewing the Entirety of US History. John McWhorter posts another excerpt from his upcoming book The Elect. Specifically, discussing the ongoing insistence that America's history of slavery is generally ignored.

    Ta-Nehisi Coates urges “the end of scarfing hot dogs on the Fourth of July while denying the facts of our heritage.” But this is the divorcé who can’t stand seeing his ex have a good time. To tar today’s America as insufficiently aware of slavery is more about smugness and noble victimhood than forging something new and needed.

    To wit: is there any degree of saturation that slavery could reach into the American consciousness that would satisfy The Elect, such that they would allow that a battle had been won?

    To hope that every American – white everyman in South Dakota, Indian-American Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Korean immigrant grandma, American-born Latina hospice care supervisor, daughter of Bosnian immigrants working on her social work degree, Republican councilwoman in Texas – will be wincing thinking about plantations while biting into their Independence Day weenie, even in a metaphorical sense, is utterly pointless. Pointless in that it will never happen, and pointless in that it doesn’t need to.

    It's long, but you'll want to stick with it. Don't miss "Why People Who Like Brie and NPR Also Like the Segregationist’s One-Drop Rule".

  • Things Will Be Fine, Until They Aren't. Cato's Chris Edwards writes on Federal Budget Deficits: Path of Fiscal Doom.

    President Trump approved $900 billion in stimulus spending in December and President Biden approved another $1.9 trillion in March. Biden is set to propose a further $3 trillion on infrastructure, and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is exploring ways to bend Senate rules to keep the spending flowing.

    This gusher of spending is greatly damaging. This is not monopoly money, but rather it represents real resources that will be confiscated from people when the bills come due. Even without an infrastructure package, the federal government will spend $6.8 trillion this year, or double the $3.4 trillion the government will collect in tax revenues. That means the politicians are putting us another $3.4 trillion in debt just this year. That is like a family earning $34,000 and then spending $68,000 with $34,000 on credit cards.

    On a related matter, Don Boudreaux picks a 2015 quote from Walter Williams:

    Progressives’ agenda calls for not only excuse-making but also dependency….

    This is all a part of the progressive agenda to hook Americans, particularly black Americans, on government handouts. In future elections, they will be able to claim that anyone who campaigns on cutting taxing and spending is a racist.

    Every dollar the government spends is a dollar Americans can't spend.

  • And Another Thing I Wasn't Aware I Was Guilty Of. Sara Li thinks Violence Against Asian Women Won’t End Until You Stop Fetishizing Us.

    America loves Asian women as products—things to be viewed as entertainment, items that can be easily tossed away once the consumer is through.

    And in this day and age of extreme Asian American Pacific Islander bloodshed, “tossed away” is a generous phrase. While attacks on the AAPI community have always been pervasive in America, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only put folks of Asian descent in more peril. There have been at least 3,795 hate incidents against AAPI people since the pandemic began, according to Stop AAPI Hate. As this week’s horrific mass shooting showed, there’s no sign of the hate crimes slowing down.

    OK, first: Sara Li is writing in Cosmopolitan. So I'm puzzled by the "you" in the headline, the demand that "you stop fetishizing us". Sara, who do you think your Cosmo audience is?

    And I have to say that it's difficult for me to type her name without prefacing it with "Nobody doesn't like". I know that's wrong.

  • "Fetishization" Strikes In NYC. Bari Weiss tells a grim story in Do Not Look Away From Evil. Based on:

    There are two kinds of evil captured in this clip. One is the evil of the alleged attacker[…]

    The other is the evil of the bystanders.

    The second kind makes even sicker. The apathy, the indifference, the nonchalance, the passivity in the face of human suffering — as if such an attack is a casual occurrence; as if she is a figure in a video game and not a real human being shoved and kicked and stomped on— says something very disturbing about what’s happening in our culture.

    Bari notes "the media and the political class are contorting themselves to find a way to blame white supremacy or the legacy of Trumpism." Or, if you're Sara Li, "fetishization". That's unlikely to be helpful. To put it mildly.

  • But It's Fetishization Confession Time. As far as Sara Li's "fetishization" goes, I have to utter at least a minor mea culpa. Specifically, at the end of 2020, I was enraptured by the young woman appearing for a total of about four seconds in this Buick commercial (at the beginning and 13 seconds in):

    Also, as long as I'm confessing. I pay way too much attention to the sportscasting talent of Naoko Funayama, and I try not to miss any movie with Michelle Yeoh.

    I will only offer partial mitigating evidence. I think plenty of non-Asian women are kind of hot too. Melissa Villaseñor. Tina Fey. Aisha Tyler. Jenna Fischer. Mary Lynn Rajskub. And… well, that's enough. Don't tell Mrs. Salad, OK?

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