URLs Du Jour (3/7/2005)

  • Via Geek Press, an extremely funny skit set in a video store.
  • John Hinderaker of Power Line takes on the Supreme Court's decision on capital punishment at the Weekly Standard; his essay is a masterpiece of barely-controlled fury.
  • In today's Bleat, James Lileks makes a point about the Social Security debate that cuts through a lot of jive, man. With respect to the anti-reformers:

    It's not Social Security they love, I suspect, it's what it represents. It's not socialism as they'd like, but it's all we've got.

    Exactly, I think. All the nitpickyness about solvency, risk, lockboxes, etc. really hides the True Issue motivating most. It's people who rather not roll back our current dependencies on the state, versus those who would prefer we do.

    Note (however) that the sainted Ann Althouse isn't turned on by either of these ideological visions. How to deal with that?

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