New Hampshire Day

It's New Hampshire Day at Pun Salad!

  • Added to the blogroll is Kevin Aylward's Wizbang blog. Kevin's from Nashua, I think, which is technically in New Hampshire. And his blog is a continuing celebration of reasonableness and good taste.
  • Also, I think P. J. O'Rourke is still a New Hampshire resident. His recent article at the Weekly Standard takes apart a recent appearance by John Kerry in Boston. I think if I were a politician, and I saw P. J. at one of my appearances, I'd just make apologies, and go home.
  • Jeez, it would be real disappointing for our fine state to lose its place in the spotlight every four years due to our first in the nation presidential primary. The Dems are looking at adjusting the primary calendar to avoid making our dinky state less important. Carl P. Leubsdorf explains from neutral ground (Texas) why New Hampshire is an ideal place to hold the first primary.

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