The Incredibles

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Mrs. Salad picked up this DVD the day it came out. This was my favorite movie from last year. I still feel the same way now: it's the kind of movie that makes me want to fall to my knees in sheer gratitude that I live in a time and place that produces works like this.

The Extras disk is crammed with good stuff; I haven't watched it all yet, but the highlight so far is "Jack Jack Attack", an animated short showing what happens between Kari, the Parr's babysitter, and Jack Jack while the rest of the family is off saving the world. Kari's "mental stimulation" of Jack-Jack causes him to discover his multiple superpowers; Kari's less than thrilled with this.

Usually DVD "extras" are pretty predictable, but these show the inner workings of an incredibly talented bunch of people doing what they enjoy, at the peak of their game. So: highly recommended.

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URLs Du Jour (3/18/2005)

  • Via Slashdot, you may want to check this New Scientist cover story: "13 things that do not make sense". Your initial reaction may be the same as mine: just 13?. I tried to pick a favorite, but they're all good.
  • "Robert Musil", the Man Without Qualities has returned to his blog after a three month absence. I hope he gets back to regular posting. His latest is an interestingly contrarian take on the Summers/Harvard hoohah.
  • Jacob Sullum is a reliably sensible libertarian columnist. His take on Hillary Clinton's continued efforts to involve the Federal Government in how you raise your kids is here.

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