On Terri

I've seen approximately one zillion blog posts that start out something like: "I haven't blogged much on the Terri Schiavo case because …" Ditto here. I don't really have a good reason, other than the massive work of hammering vague intuitions into a semi-rational argument.

So I've done what I usually do: look for something on the web that sounds about right.

Via Prof Bainbridge, Tom Smith of The Right Coast makes some cogent observations on how weird the kill-Terri side appears to those of us not particularly wedded to the ideology of death.

They may think they are standing up for the right to die with dignity, but it comes across as, oh boy! A vulnerable, compromised human non-person! Can we kill it?! Please?! Pretty please?! Planned parenthood also needs some remedial PR work. They really should want to avoid the whole Zis zing ees not human! Nine! Eeet must be liquidated! At vunce! schtick. I can't be the only person they are creeping out.

No, he isn't the only person they're creeping out.

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