And, Oh Yeah …

We're all gonna die.


Pun Salad's cube-neighbor, Bill Costa, attended a course given by Edward Tufte earlier in the week. One of the handout booklets was a hilarious rip on Microsoft PowerPoint, which I read last night. In the booklet, Tufte reproduces a parody called Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation, which is also hilarious. I'd seen it before, but this time noted the parody's author: Peter Norvig.

Ok, fine. But then:

Bill also got Mark Jason Dominus's new book Higher Order Perl, which he kindly gave me permission to browse through. Today, I start reading during a break; right there on the first page of the Preface (where Dominus makes a plug for Perl being a lot like Lisp) is:

For example, the book Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming, by Peter Norvig, includes a section, …

So within 24 hours I go from being relatively unaware of Peter Norvig to being very aware, with two different folks pointing to two independent and marvelous things he's done. Jung would have a field day with this. But they say things come in threes. So I'm keeping my eyes open for another "coincidental" Norvig appearance.

(His website is, by the way.)

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