In The News!

UNH usually comes to national media attention only when someone here does or says something really stupid. We keep our streak alive today. Finding dumb stuff in our student newspaper is about as easy as finding cigarette butts outside the Memorial Union Building. But James Taranto of the always-useful Best of the Web Today brings our attention today to a particularly egregious commentary from our local lefty, Jim Cavan.

Here's my favorite from part two of Cavan's rave:

But now the question becomes: can the "communists" convince these jobless that the fight is theirs as well? Would the "communists" not have gained enough publicity and political clout to be able to extend an ever-growing hand to these potential comrades?

If so, what would this hand entail?

Don't you ever find yourself asking: what would this hand entail? (An ever-growing hand, no less.)

Last Modified 2005-04-11 7:30 PM EDT