24 Observations

I started watching 24 this season. Some observations, many of which you've probably made yourself:

  • On Star Trek, it was a good bet that the random guy in a red shirt in the landing party was destined for an ugly death. The tradition continues: any unknown guy accompanying Jack might as well notify next-of-kin to start picking out flower arrangments for the funeral.

  • No matter how dire the situation, there's always time for bickering with one's significant other about your relationship. Nobody seems to say "Couldn't we discuss this, say, like, tomorrow? After we're done saving the country?"

  • Whatever happened to Terrorist Kid? Maybe he'll save the day in Episode 24. He's probably pissed about Terrorist Mom being killed, even though Terrorist Mom killed his girlfriend. Talk about mixed feelings.

  • Likewise, what happened to William Devane's hippie son? Last I saw, he was being abused by the good guys. Is that still going on? Maybe he'll cough up a vital clue in Episode 24.

  • Maybe I should just skip to Episode 24, hm?

  • The best line on Jack Bauer I've seen is Dave Barry's: Jack "has the guts to shoot first and also shoot later on." Some ask "when does Jack eat?" I ask: where is he carrying all that ammo?

  • So the terrorist plan all along was to shoot down Air Force One and wait for the football to fall from the sky? And hope they got to it before the good guys?

    Well, OK, so it worked.


Shawn Macomber has put me on his short blogroll. I'm honored and probably more scared than I thought I would be that people might actually begin reading this blog. Oh well. If you're here from Shawn's, welcome, he's pretty good isn't he? I hope you find something worth your while here.