URLs Du Jour (4/25/2005)

  • Soxblog calls a foul on Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan's cheap shot at Nomar.
  • Like me, Lileks likes the about-to-be-late Enterprise. Unlike me, he's taken the time to write just why.

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Linux Mascot Security Risk

Bill Gates may have undue influence with the airport security screeners in Denver, as two Linux mascots were forced to march nekkid through a metal detector. It's a slideshow, go through all the pictures.

(This via Bruce Schneier's blog. The oversight of not putting Bruce on my blogroll has been corrected.)

OK, it's cute, heartwarming, etc. But it's also another example of misplaced anti-terror security resources. And misplacing those resources increase the risk that a whole bunch more Americans will wind up dead someday. So after you go Awwwwww…, maybe you should go Grrrrr…