URLs Du Jour (4/26/2005)

  • New Hampshire's own P. J. O'Rourke has an article on Social Security reform over at Cato. 'Nuff said.
  • Well, almost 'nuff. John Tierney has taken over from William Safire on the NYT's Op-Ed page, and he's quickly become one of my must-reads. Read his column today on Social Security.
  • Half Sigma does the math on hybrid cars. Well, specifically, he compares the Echo with a Prius, and calculates that gas would need to be well over 21 $/gal in order for the Prius to "pay for itself" (compared with the Echo) over a 100,000 mile lifetime. Michael Frank at Forbes compares hybrid and non-hybrid Honda Accords here with a somewhat less dire answer: 2.50 $/gal will make up the price difference there in 100,000 miles. I think I'd want a much faster payback than (even) that, though.
  • And Soxblog offers yet another reason he, like I, dropped his Boston Globe subscription.
  • Finally, my birthday is coming up. If you want to know what to get me, here's a hint.

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