Movie Remixing

Unintended consequences are often bad; legislation pushed by bluenose groups is almost always bad. But, oddly enough, a possible unintended consequence of the bluenose-inspired "Family Movie Act" recently signed by Dubya might be kind of neat. Stephane Fitch notes in a Forbes article:

But the law may also loosen Hollywood's tight control over its products. It passes some of the control over how movies are edited to you and, hypothetically, a mini-industry of movie remix artists.

Whole thing here, via the wonderful Virginia Postrel.

Me, I can't wait to take the Nazis out of Casablanca and substitute Imperial Storm Troopers. Oooh, and Darth Vader instead of Captain Renault! "I'm shocked … shssshh … shocked to find that … shssshh … gambling is going on here. Additionally, … shssshh … I find your lack of faith disturbing.")

Although that's technically still illegal. But can you doubt it's going to happen anyway?

Which reminds me: did you know that some boxes containing Darth Vader dolls action figures prominently display "Danger: Choking Hazard" on them? Well, of course.