URLs Du Jour (5/9/2005)

  • New site in town: The Huffington Post. It may be worth a look. What I learned right away: Brad Hall might still be funny, and (in any case) deserves our respect and admiration for being married to Julia Louis-Dreyfus for nearly 18 years. Also see Hilary Rosen's takedown of Steve Jobs, followed nearly immediately by Richard Bradley's takedown of Hilary Rosen. ("Ow, that's gonna leave a mark.") And the lovely Ellen is against making dog food out of wild horsies. She doesn't mention what she thinks dog food should be made out of, however.
  • But the Huffington Post still has to play catch-up to Dave's blog, which helpfully points to the recent Victoria, B.C. appearance of one "Mr. Floatie" at a political candidates' meeting:

    James Skwarok arrived dressed up as "Mr. Floatie," a two-metre tall turd representing POOP, People Opposed to Outfall Pollution. He wanted to highlight Victoria's daily dumping of 120 million litres of raw sewage, but when he was barred from the meeting he said the refusal left him "a little bummed out."

    Well, of course. Dave also has a link to that provides the answer to a question that has long boggled the great minds of science and made them soft; check it out.

    Key quote: "The chicken thing has nothing to do with the motorcycle thing."

  • Via Joanne Jacobs, a note on the debate currently going on in Kansas about the "intelligent design" of the English language.

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