URLs Du Jour (5/16/2005)

  • An insightful essay on what Arnold Kling calls "The Law of Proportionate Belief":

    One should believe in a certain proposition or policy prescription in proportion to the arguments for that position.

    Plenty of examples of violations of this law are provided. It's a lot easier to detect the mote in someone else's eye than the beam in your own, of course. That's a good argument for lots of eyes.

  • Because I'm a huge geek, I'm probably going to swoon over Revenge of the Sith. But John Podhoretz is immune to the ways of the Force, and has a hilarious review at the Weekly Standard

    "Hold me, Anakin!" Padmé tells her husband. "Hold me like you did by the lake on Naboo!"

    No performer living or dead could pronounce the word "Naboo" without sounding like a moron, and Lucas matches that authorial infelicity with dozens of others. One of the movie's villains is named "Dooku," and it's a pity that Lucas didn't arrange for Dooku to visit Naboo, because that could have generated a truly memorable piece of dialogue, like "You should never have come to Naboo, Dooku!"

    Some spoilers there, so you might want to wait until you've seen the movie 13 times or so.

  • Continuing the geektheme: Lileks, as always, says exactly the right thing about Enterprise and the rest of Trekdom.

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