URLs du Jour (5/27/2005)

  • Via Galley Slaves, a story that illustrates why I won't be joining the ACLU anytime soon: they're suing to have a 70-year-old 5-foot-tall cross in the middle of the Mojave Desert torn down:

    In 1934, a gritty prospector named J. Riley Bembry gathered a couple of his fellow World War I veterans at Sunrise Rock. Together they erected the cross, in honor of their fallen comrades. The memorial has been privately maintained ever since, with small groups still occasionally meeting to remember the nation's veterans.

    A wrinkle developed in 1994, when the federal government declared the surrounding area a national preserve. With the cross now located on newly public land, the memorial soon caught the attention of the American Civil Liberties Union. Working with Frank Buono, a retired park ranger turned professional activist, the ACLU demanded that the National Park Service tear down the cross.

    In addition, the lawsuit is taxpayer-subsidized. Grr.

  • I've been linking a lot to Spoons lately. Today is no exception as he fisks the helpful food prep note Mrs. Spoons left him before taking off for California. Be sure to read the comments, because the Mrs. left one.

    Won't find stuff like that in the mainstream media…