URLs du Jour (6/1/2005)

  • Mr. Sun has advice for graduates.

    Make a list of the things you want to do before you die. Be as open to your heart as you possibly can. Now, throw that ridiculous piece of trash away and get your ass to work. The ball is over, Cinderella.

    (Via Joanne Jacobs and Eduwonk. Added Mr. Sun and Eduwonk to linklist.)

  • George Will writes on France's rejection of the European Union's proposed constitution, which I can't really get excited about. But his description of the probable successor to Tony Blair is a gem; he's someone

    … who embodies the cheerless egalitarianism of socialism understood as more and more queuing by more and more people dependent for increasing numbers of things on a decreasingly competent welfare state.

    That's a keeper.

  • Likewise, I am not interested in the identity of Deep Throat, but if you want to read something other than the navel-gazing and back-patting that dominates the mainstream media, then Ben Stein at The American Spectator is your go-to guy.

    So, this is the great boast of the enemies of Richard Nixon, including Mark Felt: they made the conditions necessary for the Cambodian genocide. If there is such a thing as kharma, if there is such a thing as justice in this life of the next, Mark Felt has bought himself the worst future of any man on this earth. And Bob Woodward is right behind him, with Ben Bradlee bringing up the rear. Out of their smug arrogance and contempt, they hatched the worst nightmare imaginable: genocide. I hope they are happy now -- because their future looks pretty bleak to me.

    I'm not sure I agree, but Ben's loyalty to President Nixon is impressive, and his outrage is unmatched. However, the best line I've seen is Frank J's: Deep Throat - Is It Just Me, Or Does that Sound Like the Name of a Porno?