In Good Company

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A comedy with likeable, believable characters, refreshingly free of caricature and cliché. Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace turn in funny and nuanced performances. Scarlett Johansson remains incredibly easy to look at.

Ebert (surprisingly) gets it right when he dubs it: "a feel-good movie about big business. It's about a corporate culture that tries to be evil and fails."

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URLs du Jour (6/11/2005)

  • Via Geek Press, you should go over to Bathsheba Grossman's website. Not only because she has a cool name, but also because she makes incredibly beautiful geeky art that's probably way out of my price range.
  • In keeping with the Supreme Court emphasis of the last few days, please check Jonathan V. Last's post on Galley Slaves entitled "The Comic Genius of Antonin Scalia." No spoilers here, just go. My current ideal SC lineup: three Clarence Thomas clones, three Scalia clones, and three Janice Rogers Brown clones.

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