After the Sunset

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Can't give even an "OK" three stars if I fall asleep during a movie, sorry. It's one of them heist caper movies, overlaid with conflict between Woody Harrelson's perpetually-outwitted FBI agent, Pierce Brosnan's suave thief, and Salma Hayek as his girlfriend/partner in crime. Don Cheadle is a Bahamian gangster, who complicates things. Naomie Harris plays a Bahamian cop, ditto.

And the location was where we spent our Bahamian vacation; somehow the characters managed to avoid the unwashed masses during their vacation. Gotta check that out.

No surprise: Salma is incredibly easy to look at. Kind of a surprise: Pierce Brosnan and Woody Harrelson have more chemistry than do Pierce and Salma; they have some genuinely funny scenes together.

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URLs du Jour (6/20/2005)

  • Reports ABC News:

    An 11-year-old Queens, N.Y., student and her family are demanding that 200 yearbooks be recalled because they are unhappy with the sixth-grader's unattractive photo.

    Mom claims that the "the embarrassing image will haunt Asheasa for the rest of her life."

    However, now the image is on the ABC site for the Whole Wide World to see. And (it appears from the story) the kid was apparently also dragged onto ABC's Good Morning America. I'd think that would ratchet the embarrasment up a couple orders of magnitude, wouldn't you? Gee, thanks Mom. (Via Joanne Jacobs.)

    UPDATE: Dave Barry has also noticed this. So you can compare me trying to be funny with Dave actually being funny on the same topic. It's humbling.

  • The MinuteMan points out that NYT readers are in the confusing position of (a) seeing their paper report on various Democrats denouncing antisemitic comments and literature at one of their recent gatherings; but (b) not knowing that such comments/literature existed in the first place, since the NYT failed to report on them. How very Orwellian!
  • Via Dynamic Girl, a whole bunch of really cool pictures from science.
  • Best of the Web Today is unusually good, er, today. If you don't read it regularly, check it out.

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