URLs du Jour (7/1/2005)

  • It's Strange Bedfellows day at Eugene's Conspiratorium as Todd Zywicki runs down odd-couple Congresscritters supporting legislation to (they hope) blunt the impact of Kelo. Lefties Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, and John Conyers line up with righties Sensenbrenner, DeLay and Blunt. Amazing. But looks as if Nancy Pelosi is reluctant to either check or balance the Supremes:

    Arguing that Congress has no business interfering with the ruling unless it wants to amend the Constitution, Mrs. Pelosi said: "This is almost as if God has spoken."

    One would hope that even the inflated egos of the Kelo majority might flinch a bit at such idolatry.

  • But speaking of Congresswoman Nancy: everybody's dumping on the poor woman. Jonah Goldberg at the Corner points out that Planned Parenthood

    Has issued a press release saying her retirement creates an "ominous vacancy" -- which, curiously enough, is the technical term for Pelosi's mental status.

    OK, a very cheap shot. Being less cheap, The Smartest Woman In The World merely asks Is Nancy Pelosi Stupid, or Does She Think We Are?

  • On occasion, I entertain Mrs. Salad by holding forth on my "Flush Theory" (which is mine): in a nutshell, it's that drinking a lot of water will pick up and carry out a lot of bad stuff as it washes and splashes through your system. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, like most of my theories (which are mine), it's easy to debunk, and Stanley Goldfarb does so at The Weekly Standard.
  • Of course, if I were a celebrity, my views on the Flush Theory (which is mine) would be interesting enough to be the subject of interviews on morning news shows, and other celebrities would write op-eds in the NYT calling me ridiculous. And then I could be parodied at Huffington's Toast. But none of that's gonna happen. Funny old world, ain't it?

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