Happy Independence Day

You want the truth? I got your truth right here. (Also see for their comments: La Shawn; Glenn; Ed; Suzanne; and Calvin.)

UPDATE: And Andrew.

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Move Over, Ebert and Roeper

Statler & Waldorf apparently have landed a new gig at movies.com as reviewers. Very, very funny, including at least one joke that would never have made it into the Muppet Show.

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Magic Time

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Even though I could have been a Van Morrison fan since the 60's, I only started buying his music a few years ago. This is his latest album, and I like it a lot. Thirteen songs done Van-style is a big plus. Mercifully there seem to be fewer it-sucks-to-be-rich-and-famous songs compared to the previous album, so that's another plus.

I see from the Amazon review there are a couple of covers here: "I'm Confessin'" (Perry Como!) and "This Love of Mine" (Sinatra).

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