URLs du Jour (7/14/2005)

  • Bryan Caplan looks at Adbusters and discovers "the bitterest people alive complaining about the pettiest problems imaginable." (I love that description; I'll probably be plagiarizing it soon.)
  • I missed this great Julian Sanchez essay on "parentalism" (which is to be carefully distinguished from paternalism). Fortunately, Will Wilkinson pointed me to it.

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And Now For Something Completely Different …

Sometimes I write programs for fun, although not as much as I used to. I might as well share my meager efforts with the Whole Wide World. My Sudoku puzzle-solving program is described here. Disclaimer: probably only interesting to those (a) comfortable with compiling and executing C programs on Unix-like systems from the shell; (b) interested in puzzle-solving algorithms; and (c) haven't done this for themselves already.

I Took an Online Quiz and …

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