No Doubts Here

Via Power Line, you might want to check out the story from the "Public Editor" on the activities of Professional Journalists at the New York Times and how they (mis)handled this op-ed from Phil Carter. It's a wacky laff-filled comedy of errors, as the (unnamed) editor in charge of the article "accidentally" put into publication a version of the article containing passages that Carter had not written and, in fact, had vociferously objected to placing in his article. And—guess what?—as the PubEd states, "Many saw an anti-Bush bias in the added language."

Pontificates the Public Editor:

Even with this sorting out of the mistakes actually made and the mistaken perceptions of some readers, the doubts about the paper's credibility stirred up by this incident won't be easily erased.

There are no "doubts" that need to be erased here, Mr. Public Editor: I had zero confidence in the credibility of the Times before, and it continues.

Last Modified 2005-07-18 5:08 PM EST