URLs Du Jour (8/22/2005)

  • Mrs. Salad got a chuckle from this morning's inept radio newsreader. It seems they said that, after a stroke had left her unable to talk, a therapist was working with Coretta Scott King on "singing". Of course, they meant "signing", right?

    Well, wrong. ("I'll be darned.") Best wishes to Mrs. King.

  • Frank J. issues an appeal to the President.
  • Kevin Hassett has a great idea: take the Federal Telephone Excise tax and shoot it in the head. If you didn't think you could be outraged by the Federal Telephone Excise Tax, then try the article, it might do the trick.
  • Depressing URL du jour: Prof Bainbridge laments the Vioxx verdict and points out (via a quote from Prof Epstein) that stupid jurors kill people.

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