URLs Du Jour (9/11/2005)

  • UNH's own Shawn Macomber's brief but hilarious essay comparing the Grand Canyon with the Hoover Dam has been included in a college writing textbook among such authors as John Updike and Walker Percy. Shawn's comment: "Completely weird.". See, I told you he was a professional writer.
  • For folks on the "outside" wondering how we get our marching orders: Frank J. spills the beans.
  • Lileks. You read him every day, right? Well, if you don't, today is a good day to start.
  • If we computer geeks didn't have enough to worry about, there's now this:

    Li Zhuang, Feng Zhou, and Doug Tygar have an interesting new paper showing that if you have an audio recording of somebody typing on an ordinary computer keyboard for fifteen minutes or so, you can figure out everything they typed.

    Well, that's just swell. (Via good old GeekPress.)

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