URLs Du Jour (9/13/2005)

  • Apparently the New York Times is going to (seriously) try to move some of its content to a pay site, and this will allegedly include the excellent John Tierney. So before he disappears, you might want to check out his suggested questions for senators grilling John Roberts. Sample:

    If Roe v. Wade were a tree, what kind of tree would it be?

    Is there any chance that you could speed up Justice Stevens's retirement by addressing him as "Gramps"?

  • You could do worse, amusement-wise, than to peruse the winners of the 2005 Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest. As a big T. S. Eliot fan, I especially enjoyed Courtney Siebring's "The Tight Thong of J. Alice Prufrock" containing the immortal lines:

    And without these lines
    I wonder, "Do I dare?" and "Do I dare?"
    To wear the pair that makes them stare,
    Although they know my bum's so bare?

    Indeed. (Via Iowahawk.)

  • Garrison Keillor: humorless crank, or litigious bastard? We link, you decide. (Via Hit&Run.)
  • How many Google hits do you think you'd get for "hapless toad"? Guess before clicking.

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