URLs Du Jour (9/15/2005)

  • Wuzzadem has a bizarre story about the tearful appearance of Andre Broussard on September 4th's Meet the Press. The problem being, the heart-rending story he told, endlessly replayed, looks like a lie of the creepiest kind.
  • Darn fine Mullings from Rich Galen today yesterday (oops), commenting upon the Roberts confirmation hearing.

    Like so many other things in Washington, the word "hearing" in the US Senate has absolutely nothing to do with the act of listening. It has everything to do with talking.

  • Via Point of Law, a reporter looks at the picketers outside a Las Vegas Wal-Mart:

    They're not union members; they're temp workers employed through Allied Forces/Labor Express by the union—United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). They're making $6 an hour, with no benefits; it's 104 F, and they're protesting the working conditions inside the new Wal-Mart grocery store.

    In comparison, the article reports, the average pay for Nevada Wal-Mart workers is $10.17 an hour, and most of 'em work inside where it's air conditioned. Now that's irony.

  • Find out about the Safe-T-Dome from Warren Bell at NRO:

    Is personal injury a worry? Do your children suffer from bumps and scrapes? Not in the Safe-T-Dome they won't, where all residents must wear a specially engineered Safe-T-Suit (helmet permanently attached) made entirely of waterproof Gore-Tex and Nerf. Go ahead, Junior, ride your skateboard off that bridge! You'll bounce!

    Heh, he said "nerf."

  • And you should as always check out Surviving Grady for Red Sox insights you can't get elsewhere:

    Is it just me, or is David Wells a little less effective when the billboards behind home plate at SkyDome are displaying fast food ads? I swear he was cruising right along until that friggin' "Mr. Sub" banner came up, then he started giving up the bases on balls. When that "Pizza Pizza" one flipped up shortly thereafter, I figured the game was lost, and was just counting the seconds till he served a gopher ball. Thankfully, a Royal Bank of Canada ad slid up next, and all was well again.

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Shuffle Serendipity

Not that it matters at all, but my iPod Shuffle started playing "Ophelia" on the way into work this morn:

Boards on the window
Mail by the door
What would anybody leave so quickly for?
Ophelia …

Spooky. Best of luck to our Carolinian readers, if any.