URLs du Jour (9/23/2005)

  • Michelle, ma belle, has taken aim at the incredibly easy target of Congressman Dan Young (R-Pork). What is it about Alaska that sucks Republicans into above-average idiocy?
  • Geeks of a Perly Bent will enjoy The State of the Onion 9 by Larry Wall. (Via Slashdot.)
  • "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy … oh, hey, wait, I know some of those guys." (Via Dave Barry.)
  • Not everyone reads everything, but Joe of Dartblog does, and he spied the following in a Tina Brown article in the WaPo.
    The new, honed Clinton on the rostrum made sure that any earnest hand-wringing grappled with the raw brutality of irreconcilables.

    But if you're wringing your hands, how are you gonna grapple with anything? She used to be an editor, right?

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