Just One Look

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Someone needs to come up with a name for the phobia/neurosis/whatever that makes you crave reading material when faced with even a brief period of sitting. I've been known to court disaster by desperately looking for a magazine before heading off to the bathroom.

In this case, my car service appointment took longer than I thought it would, so, after going through the magazines in the waiting room, I walked a mile to a drugstore and bought this book.

I've read a couple of Harlen Coben's books before, and it seemed a safe bet. And it was extremely readable. albeit shamelessly commercial, with a lot of padded description with seemingly no other purpose but to pad the word count out to the author's contractual obligation. The plot is complex, twisty, and (literally) incredible with a host of deliberately colorful characters.

So it's not great literature, but if you're stuck in a waiting room, it's better than reading Field and Stream.

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The Machinist

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The big thing here is Christian Bale's alleged 63-pound weight loss to play the role of Trevor Reznick. Trevor hasn't slept for a year. He looks creepy, and seems to live half in reality and half in a hallucinatory nightmare. I'm still not quite sure what was real and what wasn't, and maybe that's the point.

Michael Ironside, the hardest working man in show business, is here doing some real acting.

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