I Took an Online Test, and …

[I gave up trying to make the pretty results HTML5-compliant. What a mess! Anyway: a pretty good test on political attitudes, and I am unsurprisingly, around the Libertarian/Capitalist border. You can take the test yourself here.]

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I Am Immortal!

… and I have warm and fuzzy feelings toward my new best friend Dave.

URLs du Jour (9/26/2005)

  • In the "plague on both your houses" department, Bob Novak reports on the addiction of Republicans to free-spending big government. Term limits for congresscritters look like an excellent idea.
  • On the other hand, Walter Olson points out that there's still plenty of economic moronicity on the Democrat side too, even from one who should, in theory, know better.
  • And on (still) another hand, there's plenty of unsharp tacks outside the halls of Congress. For example, there are journalists. Mindles Dreck analyzes one Nina Munk's NYT article on the Forbes 400 Richest People in America, and finds it tedious, fact-challenged, and incoherent. Well, it's the Times, what do you expect these days?
  • And then there's Arianna. She's extremely upset that Tim Russert caught out Jefferson Parish president Andre Broussard in a creepy lie in the same venue it was originally made. She's got an … interesting … attitude toward the truth.
  • There are on the order of 1.0e7 people that know more about baseball than I do, one of them is Mr. Soxblog himself, Dean Barnett. He writes:

    The Red Sox will make the make the playoffs, win their division and win the World Series. There are certain people around Boston (like the Boston Globe's ncreasingly obnoxious and unbearable Dan Shaughnessy) who think that last year didn't change everything with the Red Sox. But it did—the Red Sox are now not only the most talented team in the baseball but also play with a swaggering confidence.

    You read it here first! Unless you read it there first. Dean also writes about the local football team, which I understand is also pretty good, but, really, who can get into football when the Sox are still playing?

  • And Prof Althouse offers sage advice:

    All you "overly compliant" folks out there: heads up. You actually are expected to take responsibility for yourself.

    Good to keep in mind.

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Why I Love My Fellow Americans

They have their priorities straight. (Via Mullings.)