URLs du Jour (10/13/2005)

  • Mark Steyn has the best description of the movie Serenity that I've seen:

    …it's what Star Wars might look like if George Lucas had less money and more to say.

    "Read the whole thing."TM

  • Michael Fumento debunks the living legend, Erin Brockovich, and laments the low standards of the Harvard School of Public Health.
  • I know literally thousands of loyal readers have been waiting for the answer to the question: will Pun Salad endorse Harriet Miers for Supreme Court Justice?. (And when I say "literally thousands of", I mean: "some non-negative integer value, almost certainly zero".)

    When I start entertaining such questions seriously, please someone lend me a nail I can use to puncture my overinflated ego.

    Go see the big legal brains (e.g., Bainbridge, Reynolds, Althouse, Hewitt, et. al.) discuss the merits; you can read 'em as well as I. I'm impressed with the mutual respect and general high level of the discussions between the bloggers. (Well, there's always an exception: Andrew Sullivan refers disdainfully to "little Hughie Hewitt". Classless.)

    I do sometimes wonder where the Official List of Objective Qualifications for Supreme Court Justices were written down. I'm pretty sure everyone is not working from the same up to date copy. Still, everyone's so certain Harriet is/isn't qualified, I'm pretty sure such a List must exist.

    Anyway, what I meant to say here is: John Fund has a real impressive article at Opinion Journal today about the "vetting" process for Harriet. He says the process was badly flawed; it's hard to disagree, if he has his facts right.

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