URLs du Jour (10/14/2005)

  • Drudge links to this article from the BBC which discusses the (apparently) unexpectedly low orbit attained by China's Shenzou VI spacecraft. It contains the howler:

    Shenzhou VI, which has two astronauts on board, is in a low enough orbit to be affected by the Earth's gravitational pull.

    … for which, I assure the BBC, the astronauts are very grateful. Consider the alternative.

  • David Limbaugh's column today opens:

    I hate it when I am sympathetic to arguments on both sides of an issue as it threatens my image as a benevolently close-minded, dogmatic, doctrinaire ideologue.

    Yeah, me too. Except you can elide the "benevolently" in my case.

    His column is (no surprise) on Miers. He makes a useful distinction between critizing the pick and advocating her Senate rejection. At least I think it's useful. As I type. Given my wimpiness open-mindedness on the issue, I'll probably change my mind for the next person to argue otherwise.

  • Speaking of which: this doesn't help at all. (Via Volokh.)
  • No geek will want to miss the slide show accompanying the CNET article about teeny-tiny artwork etched onto microchips. (And this is, not surprisingly, via the indispensible GeekPress.)

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