My Breathlessly Awaited Position on Harriet Miers

I've written our New Hampshire senators that I'd prefer they vote against the confirmation of Harriet Miers. Sorry to those folks on the other side; the nomination will almost certainly be withdrawn now that this blog's mighty clout has come into play.

This is (as far as I can recall) my first letter to my senators. I'm a little worried that this is the first step down the road that ends with semi-coherent letters to the editor and deranged rants at town meetings. Well, those folks have interesting lives, I suppose!

UPDATE: I oppose the Miers nomination. My bid for fame and fortune, well fame anyway, at The Truth Laid Bear.

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URLs du Jour (10/18/2005)

  • In a refreshing change from the usual, an assault on collegiate free speech from the right wing. Inside Higher Ed reports that a pro-evolution website developed by UC-Berkeley is the target of a lawsuit alleging a violation of the separation of church and state. Because?

    The site contains a links section that notes the many religious organizations that have stated that faith is not incompatible with evolution, and these links violate the First Amendment, according to the suit.

    Interesting tactic: pit two clauses from the First Amendment against each other.

  • Mark Gauvreau Judge examines a publication for college students recently emitted from the folks at Newsweek and finds it uniformly predictable and dull.
  • I shamelessly forgot to mention that a newspaper article by UNH's own Tom Olson entitled "Americans Prepare to Celebrate Genocidal Racist Slaver Day" made the Opinion Journal's Best of the Web last week.

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