RSS Feed Added

In response to the urgent requests of absolutely nobody, I've added an RSS 2.0 feed to the blog. It should be (um…) over there on the right side somewere. (UPDATE: ah, there it is.)

Much gratitude is due to Pete Freitag's web page "Howto Create an RSS 2.0 Feed" which (unlike many other sites) just describes what you need to do. So good on Pete.

Also the stylesheet for the feed was shamlessly ripped off from an article by Evagoras Charalambous "Improving an XML feed display through CSS and XSLT" Good on him too.

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From the Morning News Beat:

The Wall Street Journal reports that "in a move that signals the increasing importance of animal-welfare issues to the food industry, Bon Appètit Management Co., which operates 200 cafeterias in colleges and corporate campuses, plans to buy eggs only from hens that have not been confined in cages.

Right. That is a marked improvement: cutting out the middleman and paying the hens directly. And (obviously) if they're not in cages, they'll be wanting some walking-around money.