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The Who's Quadrophenia is one of my favorite albums ever, undimmed after … waitaminnit, let me look it up … Holy Crap … nearly 32 years. (It was released in America on November 3, 1973, Britain on October 28.1973.)

However, I hadn't ever seen this 1979 movie based on the album. (Maybe I had a bad reaction to the Tommy movie.) Blockbuster has come to the rescue.

Well, it's OK. But it turns out that my mind's eye had already made a better movie, sorry, so this was a bit of a disappointment. Jimmy is supposed to have four personalities, but the main one we get is "whiny loser."

I, personally, would have had Who music playing though every second of this film.

I didn't know (or maybe didn't remember) Sting was in this, playing the Bellboy.

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