URL du Jour Addendum

Shawn Macomber (aka "UNH's own Shawn Macomber") describes the scene at First Church of Roxbury yesterday. Go read. Shawn endures the rhetoric of John Kerry et. al. so that we more sensitive souls don't have to.

URLs du Jour (10/31/2005)

  • Everybody I like seems also to like Judge Alito for the Supreme Court. Best place to go for links is Michelle (ma belle). But Jeff Goldstein has a unique scoop: Senator Feinstein's crib sheet for the upcoming confirmation hearings. And (more seriously), he has a handy post with quotes from noted libertarian (as opposed to conservative) sources.

    Since I'd written to Senators Sununu and Gregg asking them to oppose Harriet Mier's nomination, I dropped a note this time around asking for them to support Alito.

  • Via Geek Press, an impressive picture of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. My knees go a little weak just looking at the picture. Note: "glass bottom and sides." I can safely predict that this is pretty "high up" (heh) on the list of places you will never see Mrs. Salad.
  • Need a handy example of how someone can handle a dreadful disease with extraordinary bravery and class? Read Cathy Siepp.

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