URLs du Jour (11/13/2005)

  • Red State complains loudly about the "Republican Bedwetters" in the House of Representatives who have torpedoed (possibly permanently) the Deficit Reduction Act (H.R. 4241).

    This is the biggest vote of the 109th Congress—period. It is the first time Republicans are attempting to seriously address out-of-control spending since 1997 by reducing its rate of growth by saving $50 billion over five years.

    Of course $50 billion over five years is a (very small) drop in the (very large) bucket; on the other hand, that doesn't make it a bad idea.

    Named prominently as a bed-wetter is my very own Congressman, Jeb Bradley. Tsk. Time to fire off another e-missive…

  • On the other side of the Capitol, my very own Senator Sununu is taking some implied criticism from Michelle (ma belle) Malkin for voting against an amendment to a military budget bill that would (as the NYT puts it) "strip captured 'enemy combatants' at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, of the principal legal tool given to them last year by the Supreme Court when it allowed them to challenge their detentions in United States courts" or (as Michelle puts it) "rein in the ridiculous panoply of legal rights granted to foreign enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay."

    Senator Sununu was one of only four Republicans voting against the amendment. Five Democrats voted for it, and it passed 49-42.

    I suspect this was an extremely principled vote on Senator Sununu's part. Certainly it can't cheer him to be praised by the Tedious Left.

    Or maybe he was just confused about what he was voting for. Heck, if I were a Senator, that would happen to me all the time. I'll write and ask.

  • Memo to criminals: you might want to learn how to clear your browser caches. (Via Drudge.)
  • How many Broadway musical homages can you spot in Iowahawk's latest masterwork, Les Risiblés?
  • I was surprised to learn that Scott Adams had a blog, but (via Clayton Cramer) he does. Here's his healthily skeptical take on Intelligent Design.

    To me, the most fascinating aspect of the debate over Darwinism versus Intelligent Design is that neither side understands the other side's argument. Better yet, no one seems to understand their own side's argument. But that doesn't stop anyone from having a passionate opinion.

    I'm not sure he's right, but I admire his courage in saying that. (Just imagine how courageous I'd be if I had a few million more dollars.)

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