URLs du Jour (11/18/2005)

  • Joe at the Dartblog has an majorly impressive article on Congressman John Murtha, who is being lionized in the media for … um, having pretty much the same position on Iraq that he's had all along.
  • Jeff at Protein Wisdom should also be read on the issue.

    So. How do pro-war conservatives proceed? Well, one move would be to call Congress to a vote for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. If Democrats want to flirt with the idea of cutting and running as a means to stroke their rabid antiwar base, force them to put their votes on record; let history show which lawmakers were willing to surrender to terrorists and to leave to the mercy of murderous fanatics millions of Iraqis who trusted enough in our stated commitment to begin the political transformation into a functioning democracy, complete with provisional constitution.

    Good point. Irresponsibility is more fun, but that's not their job.

  • From the I-didn't-know-that file, Steve Beard reviews the new Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, and reveals something I didn't know about the eponymous song:

    Many fans think of Johnny singing, "I find it very, very easy to be true," to his beloved June. Actually he wrote it as a pledge of loyalty to his first wife, Vivian Liberto. It was his song of fidelity.

    Woops. Oh, well, nice sentiment.

  • Gift idea for your local Monty Python fan. As they say: run away! (Via my close personal friend Dave.)

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