URLs du Jour -- 11/28/2005

  • Arnold Kling pens a great article at Tech Central Station describing briefly four broad policies that would (a) immeasurably benefit everyone in the country and (b) do not stand the proverbial snowball-in-Hell chance of enactment: (1) drop all trade barriers and subsidies; (2) stop the drug war; (3) separation of "family and state"; (4) audit the Department of Homeland Security.

    He also proposes a voting strategy that would take some teeth-gritting for me to embrace, as it would involve probable voting for Democrats.

  • Speaking of not voting for Republicans: Everyone and his or her mother is pointing to this Opinion Journal article by Stephen Moore that does a pretty good job of looking hard at Senator John McCain's economic policies. In short: mixed bag. President McCain wouldn't be unrelievedly awful. He might even be good on fiscal restraint issues. But he's completely wrong-headed on others.

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